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Wishner, Michelle
Teacher (Gr 5) Room 20

Jason and the Golden Fleece

Spelling Words

  1. nautical
  2. cosmonaut
  3. nautilus
  4. astronauts
  5. aeronautical
  6. geometry
  7. geographic
  8. topography
  9. geometric
  10. cardiograph
  11. unfinished
  12. unexpected
  13. unguarded
  14. uninterested
  15. unmerciful
  16. unprotected
  17. unlucky
  18. unknown
  19. untangle
  20. unthinkable
  21. aeronautics
  22. geographical

Vocabulary Words:

  1. assassins - plural of assassin, a person who murders a public figure, such as a government leader.
  2. challenged - past tense of challenge, call or take part in a contest.
  3. worthy - having enough value, deserving,
  4. throb - a heavy, fast best or sensation.
  5. hideous - extremely ugly, horrible.
  6. destiny - what happens to a person, especially when it seems determined in advance,fortune.
  7. bristling - standing stiffly on end like bristles.
  8. glistening - a form of glisten, to shine with reflected light.
  9. pity - a feeling of sorrow and sympathy for the troubles of another
  10. gaping - wide open
  11. mustered - past tense of muster, to assemble or gather
  12. strait - a narrow channel between two larger bodies of water

Mrs. Wishner Room 20

Class Dojo!

class dojo.png

ClassDojo is a classroom tool that helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators.

Please speak with your child or contact me to get your personal log in information so you can see how your child is behaving everyday!

Help Our Class!

Donors Choose.jpg

Donors Choose is a great way to help our class get supplies we need!  Please help if you can and/or pass on the information! 

A NEW project is up!  Use the match code INSPIRE and they will match any donation dollar for dollar!


Need Help at Home? Check out these Links!


Study Island Study Island is here!!! 

  Language DJ Inkers.png

Students can also access their language arts at home.  Review what we did in class, read the stories, and see your spelling and vocabulary words.  Students were given their login in names and passwords in class. Click here

 Math DJ Inkers.png

Students can access math used in class on a daily basis.  This is a great way to review what we went over in class and study for a test!  Students will use their lunch number for their username and password. Click here

Jiji math is available at home!  Students can work on increasing their overall percentage or play games they have already passed.  Students already know their login information.  Activation code: CAM72Z-H3F-3W-L5K. Click here

Social Studies DJ Inkers.png

In science we cover life, earth, and physical science.

Science DJ Inkers.png

In social studies students are currently working on explorers and heading into the American Revolution.

Weekly/Nightly Homework


  Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Misc.
Monday Read 30 Minutes; Voc. Bridge Map and Fluency or Tree Map Spelling Words and Packet Day 1 Workbook pgs.; 3x's each if didn't pass multiplication daily test      
Tuesday Read 30 Minutes; Fluency or Packet day 2 Workbook pgs.; 3x's each if didn't pass multiplication daily test      
Wednesday Read 30 Minutes; Fluency or Packet day 3 Workbook pgs.; 3x's each if didn't pass multiplication daily test      
Thursday Read 30 Minutes; Fluency or Packet day 4 Workbook pgs.; 3x's each if didn't pass multiplication test      
Friday Read 30 Minutes; Friday Note; Family Message Journal; Workbook pgs.; 3x's each if didn't pass multiplication test      Friday Note

***Reading Log due Monthly***

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Class Worksheets

Reading Logs  are due every month.  Students must read 30 minutes a day and fill it out completely, including weekends.

The Spelling Relay  is completed every other week.  Students must complete all 4 laps to get full credit for the assignment.  Relay's are assigned on Wednesday and due on Fridays.

Spelling 3x's Each  is homework on Monday nights.  Students who are not super speller must write the words they missed on the pretest 3 times each.

Vocabulary sentences are completed on Monday and Tuesday nights.  Words 1-6 on Monday and words 7-12 on Tuesday.  Students must use their current vocabulary words in a sentence that shows understanding of the word.

Our Classroom

Picture 273.jpg Picture 277.jpg Michelle's 5th Grade room 20 002.JPG Michelle's 5th Grade room 20 004.JPG Michelle's 5th Grade room 20 006.JPG Picture 271.jpg Picture 272.jpg Picture 274.jpg Picture 275.jpg Picture 276.jpg Picture 278.jpg

Books Orders

Scholastic for Parent Orders  

Book orders are back up and running!  You can click on the link below to order directly online or return an order sheet with cash or a check made out to Scholastic Books. 

Everytime you order a book online our class gets one free book for our classroom library!

Activation Code: GZMGJ

Michelle Wishner Locker

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Acrobat Reader [Go]

Daily Schedule


8:00 - School Starts
8:30 - Language Arts
10:00 - Recess
10:15 - Math
12:00 - Lunch
12:45 - Social Studies/Science
1:30 - P.E.
2:13 - Dismissal
* Physical Fitness training every Monday at 10:15
*Library every Tuesday at 10:45
*Computer Lab every Wednesday and Thursday at 11:15